All The Tools You Need To Create A Happy and Healthy Life!

Join Coach Catherine Epstein of Living Lotus Coaching as you embark on a journey to bring Optimal Wellness to your life- In ALL areas of your life!

✔a healthy body, ✔a healthy mind, ✔a healthy home and ✔a healthy relationship with yourself?

The key to living a life more fully from your heart- being authentically you, trusting yourself and making healthy choices-
Optimal Wellness isn't about being perfect- it's about having the tools to help you through the journey of life!


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Tired of Feeling Stuck Or Out of Balance?


If you feel like no matter how hard you try, it's never good enough, you're not alone.

Despite having the spiritual knowledge and tools at our disposal, many of us still feel like we're running on autopilot and are not living to our full potential.

It comes down to the simple fact that our lifestyle needs to change.

This masterclass in Optimal Wellness will help you do just that. With interactive lessons for your mind, body, and soul, you'll learn how to disconnect from the world around you and connect and care for the incredible person you are inside.

Because you are so worth it!

It’s Time To Love Yourself Again

With guidance  and  support, you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner self.





  • This class will teach you how to:
  • Clear your mind with meditation
  • Clear your Clutter (inner and outer)
  • Connect with your body through mindful eating
  • Have better boundaries
  • Align your vision with your reality

It’s time to nurture yourself like never before.

In ALL areas of your life.


Get to know yourself. You’ll learn how to tune it all out and turn your attention inward. You'll find clarity and focus with a power visioning meditation.


Through journaling and awareness, you'll Learn what limiting beliefs have been holding you back and how to finally overcome them.


Create Sacred Space- Learn how clutter affects your energy on the inside.

Gain mastery and learn the skills to clear the clutter (without going into overwhelm)


Learn how to have a happy and healthy relationship with food through The Divine Dining Method (aka: Mindful Eating) 

You'll have the exact steps you need that are suited to your individual eating style/challenges.


Dare to Dream, create Healthy Boundaries, and learn to trust yourself by awakening your intuition. Set life goals that align with who you really are inside.


Living from the Heart! Gain mastery and confidence AND learn authentic living from a calm and peaceful center

Bring the inside out. Show up as the most authentic version of yourself every day. create a road map to the life you’ve always dreamed of.


I am a life coach, Mindfulness Mentor, Author, Teacher and Speaker but I'm so much more than that ...and so are you!

I love to help women kick overwhelm and resignation to the curb and instead… create an epic tale of a life without regrets – a life where opportunities aren’t lost, but taken… truth isn’t silenced, but spoken… mistakes aren’t the end, but a beginning of something better.

Society may put us in boxes, but that doesn't mean we have to stay there. So let's break free from who we think we should be and start living the fulfilling life we deserve.

Join me on this journey of self-love, self-discovery, and unapologetic confidence.

"I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! I'm more introspective and I feel lighter. Definitely feel more Peaceful! I feel more calm and peaceful, grounded and not as reactive as I used to be. Feeling more like my authentic self as I went through the 6weeks." - Patti D

"You are an excellent teacher and facilitator. You created clear and actionable steps, thought provoking questions and inspiring meditations. I love this class!

Kate B

This course is amazing! I now have a roadmap to broaden my spiritual life!

Catherine, Your course was amazing! It brought such calm and wisdom to me. I now have a roadmap to broaden my spiritual life . There are also practical practices that are easy to incorporate. The content was powerful yet simple. Catherine was always accessible 🥰 I am grateful to be on a new journey thanks to you Peace, M




Have you ever felt like something is missing in your life? Like no matter how hard you work, you are always behind where you (or society) think you should be?

If so, then the 6 Weeks to Optimal Wellness Master class is definitely for you.

We'll help you tune out the world around you and break down your walls. Once you've gotten to know and love who you are on the inside, we'll teach you how to nurture and protect that person as you go through your daily life.


Everyone’s journey is different. Find the right package for you:

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Save $400-

  • Weekly access to all 6 modules (starts right when you sign up)
  • Access updates and new lessons
  • 6 Week to Optimal Wellness GUIDE
  • Membership to the Optimal Wellness community
  • Email Support
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Best deal!

  • Weekly access to all 6 modules
  • 6 Week Optimal Wellness GUIDE 
  • 3 Private Sessions with Coach Catherine (Back on Track coaching)
  • Membership to the Optimal Wellness community
  • Live phone, text, and email support
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If you aren’t completely satisfied with your 6 Week to Optimal Wellness Class- let us know within the first 14-days for a full refund. No questions asked.