Get Back on Track!

If you've been feeling a bit off the rails lately and have been struggling to get back into balance-

Get the support you need to find clarity, focus and alignment.

Let's Create a plan to help you take your next steps!

Today is the day to create the tomorrow you desire!

 Get Clarity! 

We create a customized plan to help you meet your goal

  • Powerful Visualizations
  • Action Plan
  • Overcome Overwhelm
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Get Focus!

Learn how to work through distractions and stay focused on your goal

  • Pre and Post session follow through
  • Customized action plan
  • Laser focused sessions
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Get into Alignment

Get the support you need to move you toward a life of purpose.

  • Find your peaceful center
  • Connect to your higher self
  • Take your power back
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What our clients are saying...

"I'm so glad I made the decision to coach with Catherine. She is a wonderful coach and immediately helped me feel at ease and created a safe and welcoming space for us to work within. In only 3 calls I couldn't believe how much we covered (and uncovered) during the sessions. I felt a definite energetic shift each time and the visualizations and meditations were especially powerful and empowering. We had definite breakthroughs and I was able to release some trauma and old stories. Thank you again, Catherine."

Dana M

"I FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF! I'm more introspective and I feel lighter.   Definately feel more Peaceful! I feel more calm and peaceful, grounded and not as reactive as I used to be.  Feeling more like my authentic self as I went through the 6weeks.  I was more aware of what I was eating and no more compulsive eating!  This has helped me to be honest with myself!
When I first signed up, I didn't feel healthy, I couldn't stick with any program, I had no motivation-  and I knew I couldn't do it by myself. 
The 6 weeks went by so fast, I didn't want it to end!

Debra P

"I went from living on auto-pilot to consciously creating my life-
Life coaching with Cathy has been Transformative. Wherever you are is where you start. Cathy listens and you collaborate on moving forward, taking steps to make small significant changes that over time add up or, if you re ready, big changes that make a big difference pretty quickly.
Its work, but really rewarding work."

Maureen H

More client love:

Before I made the decision to do the Back on Track coaching with Catherine; I was feeling wonky, scattered, unfocused and my energy was depleted. After 3 sessions, I now feel my puzzle pieces are put back together, not discombobulated, I feel calm and centered! 
To anyone thinking of hiring Catherine for coaching, I say:
Give yourself a new start and open up to all the possibilities that can come from working together with Cathy in 3 sessions. Whether back on track or a new direction, anything is possible.
You can put on New Glasses for your vision in the New Year!" ~SL

The best is yet to come!


Don't delay your growth any longer. 

Live by Design, Not by Default.