4 Weeks to Break Through
Your Limiting Beliefs so you can Create
your Ideal Life of Purpose.

If you are tired of living on auto-pilot where you wake up each day and "hit the ground running," then you'll love this new 4-week self-guided coaching program. I developed it for people just like you who want to have the structure and framework to make the change you've been craving. 

Don’t keep yourself hidden anymore; it’s time to shift your mindset and break through your limiting beliefs.

It’s time to take a second chance on yourself and rise as the Leading Lady of your one precious life, so embrace the fact that not only your life isn’t over… the best part is yet to come!


Watch this quick video! (it's under 2 minutes)

Not ready for 1:1 Coaching but want to learn the exact steps I teach clients to CREATE CHANGE? I created this 4-week Self-Study Course to help you break through your limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

You'll learn how to let go of self-doubt and
tap back into your confident self.


Gain Clarity and Focus

Get to know your Heart
and Create Action Plan

Identify and Release
Limiting Beliefs

Learn How to Make Decisions

Dealing with Thoughts, Emotions, and Self-Sabotage

Learn How to overcome them

Bring in more Joy!

Learn How to Take Inspired Action

Here's what some recent participants had to say:

AR (Self-Employed Musician)

Thanks, Cathy! After taking this course, I feel so inspired and your insightful questions will help to keep my vision and intention going.

BP (Teacher)

I really enjoyed the Create Change class and got a lot out of it. I found the journaling and worksheets very helpful. I am inspired by my own progress, and love that I'm ready to take the leap to living the life of my dreams. I wouldn’t be at this juncture without your encouragement and guidance, Thank YOU

This class is for YOU, IF....

You're ready to:

  • Ready to commit to 4 weeks of a self-guided journey

  • Want to learn on your own time, in your own home (in your pj's too!)

  • Are so ready to uncover your limiting beliefs; and learn what's been holding you back

  • Are ready to take the next steps toward living to your full potential

  • Willing to get started NOW


So, if you're ready to shake the dust off of your dreams and re-connect to the magic in your heart;

Wait no more!