Books For Your Journey

Live With Intention -
The Rest Will Fall Into Place

"Are you living your highest and best life?"

This concise, easy to read book will help you understand how living with intention will help to change your life. You'll learn the difference between living on autopilot (as so many of us do) and living a life more fully on purpose.

Intentional living means to live each day in a powerful way- and helps to give meaning to your life.

Once you have the understanding of intentional living, you'll be shown the ways to apply it and will feel the difference immediately.


The Divine Dining Method:

21 Days to Transform Your Eating Through Mindfulness to Create a Happy and Healthy Relationship with Food . . . for Good 

The Divine Dining Method will teach the reader how to transform the body using ancient techniques, modern tools, and expanded awareness. For anyone who has ever struggled with making healthy food choices, this book will teach the reader how to put love and positive intentions into the act of eating and will help them tap into their own natural healing abilities. In the simplest terms, Divine Dining is a conscious-eating program designed to bring your full awareness into the act of eating. It is a program that will help you be aware of what you eat, how you eat, and why you eat. Presented in a simple, easy-to-use format, The Divine Dining Method uses a holistic approach.


An Introduction to Crystals

Have you been curious about how to incorporate gems and crystals into your life? Do you have a bowl of crystals that you've collected over the years and are not sure what to do with them? If you've ever been looking for more grounded perspective on the incredible energy of crystals, look no further.

Graduate Gemologist and Reiki aster Catherine Epstein's step by step guide to choosing and using healing crystals. Learn about the healing properties of common crystals and tips and tricka to incorpporating crystals into your daily life so that you can reap the benefits of nature's precious gems!

This book is not intended to replace medical care by licensed practitioner; instead it is an introductory supplement to the practice of spiritual crystal healing.


Gateways of Inspiration

Based on years of transformational work, Gateways of Inspiration is an interactive book, with musings, meditations, crystal recommendations, and ideas. There are many paths, or Gateways leading to higher states of consciousness that will help inspire you!

Combining many modalities and tools for awareness and spiritual growth, this guide book will take you on a transformational journey.

"Look no further than your own heart! When you create from the heart, it puts you in flow and when you are in flow, you are INSPIRED - and when you are inspired, there are NO limits! There are many paths that lead us to the home within. The choice is ours. We can take these paths from an access point, or a gateway. It is the intention and focus that we have when we enter that gateway, and will determine the quality of the experience."