The 21-day Conscious Eating Program- Working with MINDFULNESS to let go of old eating patterns and Transform Your Relationship with Food for good!

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FINALLY! A Proven method to help transform your eating, bring balance to your eating without guilt or shame.

If you’ve been looking to finally let go of old eating patterns and transform your relationship with food you may want to take a look at this unique approach being offered by Catherine Russo Epstein, Author, and Creator of the Divine Dining Method.

Since 2008, Catherine has taught many people to make peace with food throught Mindfulness-

In this powerful “Virtual Coaching Program” bringing awareness to this critical aspect of our health & ultimate happiness is a powerful way to transform your eating habits. 

Using conscious eating practices incorporating crystals, affirmations, and mindfulness, participants will be guided through a simple process that will stay with them for a lifetime achieving peace with their eating styles and choices.

In this online virtual Coaching program, you will be working with ancient techniques and an expanded state of awareness to shift the old stuck patterns. You will learn how to bring mindfulness to the act of eating while working with beautiful healing crystals to assist on the journey. In just 7 short days of incorporating these beautiful mindful practices, you will begin to feel more joy, peace, and contentment where there once was frustration, judgment and “distaste”. Your soul will soar… your heart will sing… as your body dances in delight on its way to a natural state of balance. This online Coaching program can be enjoyed from your home or office in just minutes a day as you are joined with participants from across the globe.


Catherine teaching The Divine Dining Method at the world-renowned spa: The Lodge at Woodloch- Several times a year she's been teaching spa-goers how to bring mindful eating to their lives- What's even more amazing,  she wrote part of the book back at one of her first stays in 2006 (after it first opened)

You will be inspired in more ways than you could ever have imagined in this healing journey – And so more information, information, and tools to help guide you on your way.We’ll also have drop&mdashins from other guest lecturers and outstanding gurus in the field of optimal wellness!

You will come away from this program with many ways to transform your food issues and desires- empowering YOU to make these amazing changes... You’ll be challenged to confront your existing belief systems- and will discover how to willingly let go of old patterning; while simultaneously opening the way for the new and exciting ways of mindful eating to fully take hold in your consciousness.

Look at all you receive for one low price!

DIVINE DINING KIT(includes booklet, 7 crystals, affirmation cards, and organza pouch) Will be shipped directly to your home or office

  • 7 RECORDED DAILY MEDITATIONS (5-7 minutes to start your day)( you can download to your phone)
  • 21 DAY STEP BY STEP GUIDE specially designed to help you Each Day with insights and breakthroughs!
  • UNLIMITED SUPPORT by Coach Catherine Epstein, Author and Creator of Divine Dining 
  • ACCESS TO SECRET FACEBOOK GROUP so you can share with the others in the program
  • MANY HELPFUL IDEAS AND TIPS to help you along the path
  • LEARN to Identify and Transform your individual eating patterns
  • BOOKS AND MEALTIME  suggestions
  • LEARN How to bring MINDFULNESS to the act of eating
  • GAIN CONTROL and MASTERY over your eating habits


"I am very grateful to come across this program. I am starting a journey to regain control of my eating habits "


"I have definitely noticed a shift in my habits - for the better - since this challenge began! I feel more confident overall, and am finding it more natural to be compassionate toward myself. This makes it much easier to stick with the healthy, positive habits!" 


"During this class of Divine Dinjng I was inspired to move my TV into my bedroom, and clean up my kitchen table so that I could eat there instead. I listen to relaxing music when I
am preparing and eating my meal. It helps me unwind and feel less lonely when I eat without being an unhealthy distraction."


"My positive changes are really paying off so far, which motivates me to keep going. Developing new and healthier habits, especially surrounding food, is certainly not easy -- but for me, seeing the results on the scale helps tremendously! I'm finding the more mindful and grateful I can be, the easier it is to stay on track. More than anything, it just feels really good to be making such positive progress. It feels amazing to truly stand in my power and know that I can do this. "

You can join us at any time; as long as you have access to a computer. Get started today and transform your eating habits today!



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The Divine Dining Method self study course is for anyone who wants a different approach to mealtime. Someone who is ready to take control of their eating by understanding their own individual challenges on their own turf and at their own pace.