This 21 Day Step by Step Course will teach you have to have a meditation practice in as little as 5 minutes a day so you can live with more peace, reduced stress, less anxiety, and feel more connected to the clarity you crave.


What if I told you that that a Meditation Practice will bring you gains that far exceed your dreams for bringing peace into your life?

And, what if I told you that meditation can be easy and there is no way to do it wrong.

Finally, a proven way to access your inner peace without spending hours in lotus pose!

Although there are ways that will bring you better results, the first and foremost concept to remember is allowing yourself to BE without JUDGING. That’s it.  In this course, you will learn the steps to develop and maintain a meditation practice~ all you need to be is committed to yourself and to your spiritual growth. 

You will learn to be very gentle with yourself (and non-judgmental) as you follow the easy instructions.   In as little as 5 minutes per day you can begin to reap the benefits!  Learn how to have a meditation practice and to incorporate it into your daily life! You will learn how to meditate in easy and effective ways. Complete the practice with a full 21 Day Workbook to help keep you on track! Bonus Meditations too!


In this powerful “21 Day Virtual Self-Study Course” You will learn how to have an easy meditation practice.  

Not only will I teach you how to go within, I'll teach you how to like what you find.

You'll have instructions and journal prompts and other processes that will change the way you view meditation!


Using a step-by-step format, you will be guided through a simple process that will stay with you for a lifetime achieving peace from within.

"Think of your inner world as a portable sanctuary." ~catherine epstein


Catherine has been leading guided meditations since 2004 in various venues, workshops and retreats. She's also an experienced sound healer and has an extensive collection of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls..

Her passion is helping people to connect with their inner world.

You will be inspired in more ways than you could ever have imagined in this healing journey – And so more information, information, and tools to help guide you on your way to optimal wellness!

You will come away from this program with more peace, clarity, serenity, less stress, and a sense of inner connection... empowering YOU to walk in the world with the sublime sense of confidence.

You’ll be challenged to confront your existing belief systems- and will discover how to willingly let go of old patterning; while simultaneously opening the way for the new and exciting ways of JOY  to fully take hold in your consciousness.


You'll feel 



Look at all you receive for one low price!


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21 DAY STEP BY STEP Supplement to Learn to Have a Meditation Practice WHAT'S INCLUDED:

  • 21 DAY STEP BY STEP GUIDE specially designed to help you Each Day with insights and breakthroughs!
  • A daily Mantra
  • Inspirational Daily Quote 
  • Daily Focus
  • Journal Prompts to deepen the learning
  • MANY HELPFUL IDEAS AND TIPS to help you along the path
  • LEARN to Identify and Transform your individual meditation style
  • LEARN How to bring incorporate meditation wherever you are
  • ADDITIONAL reading suggestions for each day


"I feel very whole again and not fragmented. Thank you! "


I see my life moving forward, more peaceful, bringing back spirituality as my center"


I have more confidence, I've connected and stabilized, grounded and I've started to make art again! Thank you so very much!"  


I gained love, manifested healing, learned to love and I'm continuing to grow. I'm kinder to myself, and there is a softening in me and my world. Peace, Love and Gratitude" 


Thanks so much for offering this wonderful class, and for your love, encouragement and support, Cathie. It's the first time I've had success with meditation.
I hope you offer more classes in this format. It really suits my unusual work schedule. ( I work weekends)


You can join us at any time.

Get started today and You'll be on your way to Peace 







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